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Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils
Carrier Oils
Find a great selection of Carrier Oils at Newport Flavors and Fragrances. Newport Flavors and Fragrances uses the best ingredients to bring you new and unique flavors from Carrier Oils and Massage Oils to CHILD_2 and CHILD_3.
Carrier Oils
Massage Oils
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Offering the best Carrier Oils at the absolute lowest prices. How Carrier Oils Are Used Most Essential oils are too strong to be applied directly to skin; most would cause serious burns. So when using essential oils for aromatherapy purposes, you can mix drops of the concentrated essential oil into the carrier oils to make a suitable, diluted mix. Think of mixing essential oils with carrier oils as adding green food coloring to a glass of water. It only takes a few drops to make the glass completely green. 
What Are Carrier Oils? Most carrier oils are cold-pressed vegetable oils processed from certain parts of plants. They are generally stable and mostly free from any aroma to keep from mixing with the concentrated aroma of the essential oil. So Why Have Different Kinds? While carrier oils don't normally give off a strong aroma, they will give off some aroma, and this differs with each type of carrier oil. Avocado oil might give off a faint, but sweet and nutty aroma, while the Apricot oil aroma is barely even detectable. The textures and colors are different, as well. Pricing and Availability Due to the highly competitive market, we perform daily research to find the lowest prices, and we change our prices to ensure that we are always the lowest-priced seller of Carrier Oils. You can get a quick listing of our available Carrier Oils and their prices by clicking here. Carrier oils are 100% pure oils that are often used as base oils. Just mix any carrier oil with a few drops of essential oil to create your own unique aromatherapy oil. Each carrier oil has a slightly different fragrance and texture to provide the finishing touches to the prepared oil. Jojoba: Actually a wax, closely resembling our own skin oils, this is an outstanding oil either blended or even used on its own. Jojoba contains antioxidants and is good for premature aging, wrinkling, eczema and hair. Sweet Almond: Arguably the most common base oil in most blends from bath oils to massage oils. It also has cosmetic uses for dry, itchy, sore, inflamed skin. Apricot Kernel: A light, textured oil that is good for treating the signs of premature aging. Grapeseed: A fine, textured oil with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants Offering the best Carrier Oils at the absolute lowest prices.