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Frozen Desserts

Frozen Desserts
Frozen Desserts
Find a great selection of Frozen Desserts at Newport Flavors and Fragrances. Newport Flavors and Fragrances has a great selection of flavors and fragrances you need from Low-Carb Frozen Dessert Mix and Organic Instant Sorbet Powder to Organic Non Dairy Frozen Dessert Mix and Organic Sorbet Base.
Organic Instant Sorbet Powder
Organic Sorbet Base
Organic Non Dairy Frozen Dessert Mix
Low-Carb Frozen Dessert Mix
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In the mood for a healthy, tasty, dessert treat? In need of organic ingredients to create the strawberry, lemon, raspberry, blueberry or maybe chocolate yummy delight that will satisfy your cravings? Relax…you’re at the right place! Whatever your mood or whatever your need, Newport Flavors has the savory solutions to help you indulge your delicious desires. Maybe your taste buds are telling you to try something new, like Organic Instant Chocolate Sorbet Powder, easy to use and designed for homemade ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, and gelato machines. Leaning more toward a fruit sorbet, pick a flavor and create your own custom sorbet creation with our Organic Sorbet Base. Our ready-to-use liquid bases are a rich blend of organic fruit juices, organic flavors, organic food colors and a small amount of organic stabilizer in a base of organic cane sugar. Newport Flavor's organic sorbet base is designed to be a turnkey mix for commercial ice cream manufacturers as well as for homemade ice cream and sorbet machines. Looking for a non-dairy frozen dessert made with rice milk, then perhaps our organic chocolate, lemon, raspberry, strawberry or vanilla offerings will hit the spot. Newport Flavors’ non-dairy desserts are also designed for homemade machines. We specialize in providing naturally flavored, gluten-free, vegan and kosher ingredients for commercial recipes or homemade creations. So what are you waiting for? Listen to your taste buds, make your choice and start enjoying yourself tonight with one of our tasty – and healthy - frozen dessert treats. Entrée not mandatory!