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Dried Fruits & Vegetables

Dried Fruits & Vegetables
Dried Fruits & Vegetables
Find a great selection of Dried Fruits & Vegetables at Newport Flavors and Fragrances. Newport Flavors and Fragrances uses the best ingredients to bring you new and unique flavors from Dried Fruits & Vegetables and Organic Dried Fruits & Vegetables to CHILD_2 and CHILD_3.
Organic Dried Fruits & Vegetables
Dried Fruits & Vegetables
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Newport Flavors offers a huge selection of Freeze-Dried and Drum-Dried Fruits and Vegetables. These can be used for cereals, soups, deserts, salads, rubs, or as a light snack! Newport Flavors and Fragrances Dried Fruits and Vegetables are guaranteed fresh and delicious. They taste as good as fresh because freeze drying does not remove any flavor or nutritional value, only the water. Freeze-dried foods retain virtually all their fresh food taste, vitamins and nutritional content. In addition to great taste, our Dried Fruits and Vegetables look so good they make you want to eat them! Unlike air-dried foods which shrink and shrivel due to high temperature processing, freeze-dried foods maintain their original shape, texture and appearance. Just add water and in minutes food re-hydrates to its original form. Dried Fruits and Vegetables weigh less than fresh because freeze-dried foods have 98% of their water removed. This significantly reduces the food's weight, making it easier to handle and less costly to transport. For example, 3kg of chicken weighs only 1kg after freeze drying, and rapidly re-hydrates back to its original weight. Freeze-dried foods also have a long shelf life and can be stored for months or years at room temperature without deterioration or spoilage. Because it can be stored at room temperature, freeze-dried food does not require costly cold or chilled storage facilities, making it much less expensive to store. Newport Flavors Drum-Dried Fruits and Vegetables are similar to Freeze-Dried Products except they are often processed into a finished flake or powder form. Aside from the final form, and often times more economical price, Drum-Dried Fruits and Vegetables differ very little from Freeze-Dried products. If, after seeing our selection of Dried Fruits and Vegetables, you'd like to try something not listed, simply give us a call and we'll do our best to provide the product for you. Our current listing is only a sampling of what we have available.