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Nature’s Flavors uses Korean ginseng for our extract, which has been used for 5,000 years and is considered the strongest form of ginseng. Korean ginseng helps to stimulate production of ‘killer T-cells’ that destroy viruses and bacteria. Korean ginseng also helps produce endorphins to make people feel good. Its sexual benefits are well known as it works to improve erectile dysfunction and increase testosterone and sperm count. Many studies have been done on the beneficial aspects of Ginseng. What is impressive, however, is the research showing ginseng’s ability to work synergistically with other nutrients to create an even greater positive result. For example, Si Jun Zi Tang, a traditional Chinese formula, the main ingredient of which is ginseng, has been shown in multiple studies to have radioprotective effects, beneficial for anyone going through radiotherapy. In addition to its benefit as an immune enhancer, ginseng has traditionally been used for antioxidant properties, circulation and cardiovascular health, blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure, depression, menopause, male and female reproductive systems, erectile dysfunction, vision and hearing, physical and mental energy, and overall well-being. Recent studies by researchers at the University of Toronto have shown ginseng to be helpful in normalizing blood sugar levels in diabetics. “Since normalizing blood sugar levels is a critical goal of diabetes treatment, ginseng could someday be an important strategy in managing patients,” says Dr. Fran Kaufman, president of the American Diabetes Association. “There is no doubt that natural products such as ginseng have a role in controlling the body’s defective response to insulin,” says Kaufman, who is also head of the Center for Diabetes at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. According to the American Diabetes Association, poor control of blood sugar can lead to severely debilitating and even fatal complications including heart disease, stroke, blindness, and kidney disease. Nature’s Flavors is dedicated to providing only the best natural and organic products to people with specific health challenges, and those interested in achieving and maintaining optimum health. If you have any comments or questions regarding the products we carry and how they can positively affect your life, we’d like to hear from you. Make every day a healthy day!

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