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  1. Organic Blueberry Flavor Concentrate

    Organic Blueberry Flavor Concentrate


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  2. Organic Colombian Coffee Syrup

    Organic Colombian Coffee Syrup


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Organic Frostings and Icings

Organic Frostings and Icings

Despite what you've heard, you can have your cake and eat it too! Especially if it has Nature's Flavors organic cake frostings and icings on it. These organic cake frostings and icings are made with 100% organic ingredients. They contain no animal byproducts and the butter flavors are made entirely from plant sources. We make our organic cake frostings and icings the old fashioned way with traditional ingredients, but without butter solids. We use organic butter flavor made from plant ingredients and organic coconut butter. You can use these organic frostings and icings the exact same way you use the popular store bought products. They are heat stable on cakes and bakery items. So the next time you bake a cake, top it off with organic frosting from Nature's Flavors. You will truly be giving yourself the gift of healthy taste...the ultimate icing on the cake!

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1 Products


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