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Find a great selection of Tea at Newport Flavors and Fragrances. Newport Flavors and Fragrances uses the best ingredients to bring you new and unique flavors from Aroma Tea and Blends and Formulas Tea to Flavored Tea and Herbal Tea.
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Care for a cup of tea? Then you should try one of ours. Newport Flavors teas are derived from 100% pure, organic herbs and great for anyone with a desire to create their own customized blend of herbal tea. In addition to great taste, many of the teas we carry are steeped in deep cultural mores and known for their traditional medicinal value. Documents have been recovered dating back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient China that refer to people enjoying the many uses of herbal tea. In addition to relaxing great taste, some of the benefits cited for daily herbal tea consumption include its: value as an antioxidant and energy booster; immune enhancement properties; ability to soothe stress, calm the mind and assist in relaxation; effect on liver functions, digestion, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps; ability to improve circulation and tone up the heart; memory improvement capability; cleansing properties and effect on detoxification; sleep enhancing capabilities; ability to promote energy and wellness; comfort inducement qualities for congestion, colds and flu; weight loss assistance properties; digestive function improvement capability; and its anti-arthritic properties. I

Newport Flavors offers 20 flavors of hibiscus tea, in addition to a wide array of other flavors, which reflect the wide variety of taste preferences from around the world. We invite you to taste one or more of these delicious beverages while getting healthy in the process! Tea for two is great…but tea for one can still be fun!