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Important Information for Existing Customers

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Welcome to the New Newport Flavors and Fragrances!


Existing Customers:


First time visiting our updated site?

You don't need to recreate your account, please visit this page and follow these easy steps to log into your existing account.


We have made every effort to ensure that all of our existing customer accounts have been transferred to the new site. We understand, however, that sometimes things do happen, and we don’t always get it right. Please take a look at the two possible scenarios you may encounter below.

1. You may see the following message:

Oops: our records could not locate an active email address that matches, please double check the address or contact our Professional Customer Care team for assistance at 714-771-2200.

When this occurs, it means that somehow your account was not able to be ported over to the new Newport Flavors and Fragrances site. In this instance, please recreate your account by clicking here.

2. You may run into a situation where you are able to reset your password, and the system informs you that an email has been sent, but you never receive it.
In this case, we need you to try one of two things:

• Check your SPAM folder(s) to ensure the email isn’t sitting there. If you don’t find it, then
• Call our Professional Customer Service team at 714-771-2200, and they will help you set everything up.